The Stork House
of Myrtle Beach, SC

Welcome to our consept of building a disaster proof home that is also energy efficient and safe. When you live along the Atlantic Ocean, you know you will have hurricanes and tornadoes, plus a lot of high winds. The insurance companies already won’t write a policy or the deductible is so high you can’t collect anything when you do have a storm. After looking at older houses for sale and new homes being built by local and national builders, it was apparent that you can’t blame the insurance compaines, as no one had built or was building a home that come anywhere close to being disaster proof. These are the reasons we designed and built our verson of a safe, energy efficient, zero maintaince, retirement home in Myrtle Beach, SC.

To make a house disaster proof it must be able to stand up to 150 mph winds of Hurricanes and Tornados. Be Termite, Fire, and Mold proof, Energy efficient, Maintenance free, and affordable to build. The only way we found to do all of this was to design and built a house ourself. The ultimate home we will always feel secure living in



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The "Safe Energy Efficient" way to build a home.